The Nursery is split into three main areas, the baby and first steps rooms (0-2yrs), the toddler room (2-3yrs), and the pre-school room (3-5yrs).


The baby and first steps rooms are on the ground floor and have children up to the age of two years.  As a general guide a child will move from the baby and first steps room to the over two area around their second birthday.  We are very flexible with this transition and allow children to move when they feel ready and are confident to do so.  Within the baby room at least two members of staff will always be on duty, one of which will be a senior member of staff.


The toddler and pre-school rooms are on the first floor of the cottage.  Children from both rooms have access to art, craft, sand, water play, computer time and enjoy singing and music.  They also enjoy time for free play.



The nursery also has a secure walled garden with a log cabin for more structure outdoor activities.



In all nursery age groups the development of each child is carefully monitored and nursery staff will plan activities to meet their individual needs accordingly.


The Setting