The Nursery Cook freshly prepares all meals. Lunch and high tea will be provided for the children daily. Lunch will normally be served at 12 noon and staff and children will sit and eat together. Food may be liquidised for younger children or alternatively parents may provide pre-prepared food. We also provide pureed fruit and vegetables for weaning babies. Special dietary requirements will be catered for wherever possible. High Tea will normally be served at 3.45 p.m. A copy of the daily menu will be displayed within the Nursery. In addition snacks will be provided for the children during the morning and afternoon sessions and will consist of fresh and dried fruit, crackers, cheese and milk or water.


The Nursery operates a strict Nut Free Policy; please do not bring nuts or nut products or anything that may have been in contact with nuts onto the premises.

Nursery Meals


Sample Nursery Menu