Terms and Conditions of Attendance:



Siblings at Nursery:


A 10% reduction in fees will be applied to the elder sibling.  


Transfer of Sessions:


We regret that we are unable to transfer sessions, given limitations of space and staffing.


Bank Holidays:


Fees are calculated on a weekly basis multiplied by 52, and divided by 12 for a monthly rate.  Bank Holidays are therefore included in the monthly fee.  Due to staff commitments, no reductions in the monthly fee can be allowed for temporary withdrawal (for example holidays).  




We do request that fees are paid one month in advance.


Your first payment will be due on the first day that your child starts at nursery.  Regrettably we are unable to accept your child until payment has been made.  The first months payment is non refundable.


Subsequent payments are to be credited to our account by the 5th of the month for which they are due. We do provide the option for paying by standing order, debit card, either at the nursery or by telephone.  We also accept payment by Childcare Vouchers and are registered with most operators of such schemes; the nursery manager can provide further details upon request.




Regrettably there is no remission of fees for non-attendance, attributable to either sickness or holiday, nor are we able to credit days for non-attendance.



Nursery fees include all meals and drinks (with the exception of formula feeds).  



Weekly:  £ 198:00


Daily:     £   44:28


Session: £   29:48